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Please allow me introduce myself

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MARIELLE... MARIELLE is my great grandmothers name, given to me as a middle name. I have done photography under that trademark since I picked up a camera.  It is my link to my family, appreciation to those before me. I am also known as filmmaker, Tyler A. Chase.


I was born to a family of musicians and artists and so I was encouraged as a child visual artist. I worked in oils and charcoal and participated in exhibitions where I sold my work. I graduated with a BFA, cum laude from Concordia University and later graduated from the NYU Filmmaking Program where I was introduced to Cinematography with 16mm format. 

While at NYU I began photography with a vintage (1972) Nikon 35mm film camera and kit that a photographer friend gave me and after some time went on to digital. I now enjoy working with a Nikon D-7500.  I am director of photography on completed indie movies and many currently in post production. I am credited on IMDB for the still photography I did in films as well as for movie posters. Some of my work has been exhibited at the National Arts Club online exhibition.  Two of my works, Where She Was and Where She Was 2, were exhibited at the ArtSplash exhibition, resulting in a sale to a private collector. My photographs have been published in media like and others.  I have a wide range of skills from art photography to nature to portraiture and I have worked with musicians, sculptors and interesting people who want to make a statement. I breathe photography and am seldom without my camera. I am currently working on a few series, one being a multimedia piece where I will be integrating my photography with footage I shot regarding the death of my sister.



Photography to me is how I evolve. It’s like prayer. I experiment with communication and energy because I believe that the camera is only a tool to transcribe the relationship with the moments I experience. Inevitably I am sharing the moment with the subject of my focus and therefore there is mutual participation, a communion of energy.  The power of images is immense.  Even in the ugliest of moments there is beauty.


I don’t think that photographs need to be explained because their purpose is to do that on their own and explaining them strips the viewer of that pure impression, how it affects him/her. Everyone takes away what is communicated to them from the art they are looking at and how it pertains to their own lives.  "I aspire to be a visual scribe with light as my ink and my camera as my pen, creating sources of emotional catharsis, inspiration, healing and social change".

I am inspired by the lives of adventurers and photographers like Eve Arnold, Dorothea Lange, Yousuf Karsh and later on I had the pleasure of being friends with photographer, Peter Basch. I like the idea of tradition and culture. I escape to the mystic dream state of light energy with my cameras.









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